Gabriella is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and composer from Montréal. A current contestant on The Voice France, Gabriella blew all four judges away with her performance of “The Scientist”, by Coldplay, which was viewed more than 10 million times online. Realizing her passion at a young age, music quickly turned into a strong purpose in her life. For Gabriella she could do nothing else, music was her life. A multi-instrumentalist, she perfected the violin at age six and also added the guitar and piano to her skill set. Studying the professional techniques of music and song for three years, this training helped to strengthen her knowledge of recording, ear training, composition, interpretation, arrangement and career management. Eager to sharpen her musical acuity further she followed a similar path with jazz music. Discovered because of the enormous talent she possesses, many doors were quickly opened to her and her desire to move towards a professional career was confirmed.

Solo Career

In the fall of 2013, with a wealth of experience and over 200 shows played, she began to seriously consider a solo career. She met with signer, songwriter, and producer Christian Sbrocca and an instant connection was formed. This bond would later reflect on the quality and depth of her arrangements, which are both sensitive and intense. Overwhelmed by her talent, Sbrocca proposed that he should produce her first album, and the two began working together on her debut album. Throughout the process he also co-wrote several tracks with Gabriella, most notably, the poignant track “Halfway There”, written following the death of her grandfather and, “Cloud In The Sky”, co-written with Peter Vieweger (Falco) in Austria.

An EP followed by a double album!

The musical world of Gabriella cannot be described using one word. From the first chords one is struck by the images that emerge from each note, as if each contained a story, a fragment of life. Each stanza is intended as a frame on the art of happiness. We let ourselves follow its positive and humanistic view of reality that surrounds us. Releasing her debut EP, While The Oak…, in May 2015, that same year she also released her first full-length, double album, The Story of Oak and Leafless. The first disk entitled The Story of Oak, contains nine original songs with opulent and powerful arrangements; the second, Leafless, features 10 acoustic songs with six tracks from The Story of Oak offered in stripped down versions filled with an exhilarating close. A perfect cinematic fit, the 9th season of the series Lance et compte featured five songs written and performed by Gabriella, and the Canadian series Mohawk Girls featured four of her songs throughout the first season.

On Radio

Launched in August 2014, her first song, “Cloud In The Sky”, remained in the Top 20 on the adult English pop charts in Québec for several weeks, while the second track, “Sorrow” (a duet with Olivier Dion), held the #1 spot on Top English radio for 12 weeks (Palmarès).

In Europe

After her first visit to Europe (Vienna, Austria) in 2013, which inspired the title “Cloud In The Sky”, she continued to return, but it was her multiple trips to France which shined a light on several of her artistic collaborations. In 2015 she returned to France to film the music video for her latest radio success, with Olivier Dion (a participant on 2015 Dancing With The Stars France) in the streets of Paris.

In Show

During her shows Gabriella leaves everything on the stage. She is the type of artist who is constantly aware of her surroundings and has a sincere desire to create specific emotions in her audience. She features multiple sets and has the ability to transform from an acoustic set to a full band with 10 musicians, then switching to a set of four musicians with a string duo. After striking performances, including those at the Montréal International Jazz Festival, Théâtre Petit Champlain (Québec), and the National in Montréal, Gabriella received the “Le coup de Coeur” at ROSEQ 2015. This past winter she performed at the prestigious 2016 Montréal en Lumière festival, and her track “Cloud In The Sky” was used for the festival’s audio advertising campaign. Competing for The Voice France 2016 title Gabriella will spend the spring months working with the most renowned artists while on #TeamMika. Singing to keep her spot each night Gabriella’s fate now lays in the hands of her fans both near and afar.